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“An inspired combination of strong melodies and surprising turns in every song… a mature, thoughtful product of true artistry.” - YourLMG

A very good debut album indeed... this is very considered songwriting, with each self-produced track built specifically and painstakingly to purpose.


Powerful, well produced indie rock with frenzied energy, this is that rare thing - an album which can genuinely excite on very first listen.  -

It makes for an exhilarating listen that you can imagine as a killer live show. It’s in the chaos and beauty that moments of excellence shine through, making this a stylised masterpiece. -

Their music is characterised by their energy, some lovely rock melodies and tracks which don’t always follow where you might expect. It’s this willingness to change direction, as well as their raw pace, that set them apart. -

Their single, The Chase, is an excellent example of their approach, going full pelt at their rock style with the glee of a child who is running too fast for their own legs. -

If you’re a fan of independently spirited musicians then Irvine should be on your list to check out. -


"beautifully chaotic brand of indie rock..." -


"I've lost faith in Cape Town rock music since the Dirty Skirts went from awesome to crazy. Maybe all that sea air gets to the bands eventually. But it hasn't got to Irvine yet, because they've still got a firm hold on the energetic rock sound that we love." -


"First off, Irvine were really good. It's a first time for me hearing them and I liked what I heard." -

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